Fire and Explosion Investigation, Fire Damage Assessment & Reason for Fire Explosion

Fire and explosion investigation is the core of our business. We have 10 consultants, all graduates of varying disciplines and well versed in fire investigation. In addition to in-house training, most have had specific fire and explosion investigation training in USA or UK. We are used to working in different cultures and languages spoken amongst our staff include English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and a number of Chinese dialects.

A number of our investigations have resulted in court cases with the result being the first successful repudiation of an insurance claim by an insurer on the basis of arson, in that country.

Fire and explosion investigation is such a big subject that we have broken it down into the areas shown below. The attached photographs show some of the large fire sites attended.

FSM investigators at a large timber mill fire in Borneo in 2003. Fire in 2005 at a shoe warehouse in Thailand, started by high bay light.
Fire in 2005 at a factory which started by static discharge when workers transferred flammable liquid from one container to another.
Explosion at a chemical factory in Korea in 2008 in which workers died.
Fire at a steel scrap metal yard in Johor Bahru, Malayasia, 2008. Fire burnt for days before it could be extinguished. Fire temperature was so hot that steel melted.

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