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Forensic Services specializes in providing scientific advice and testing services to the insurance, legal and oil and gas industries. We carry out forensic investigations into the causes of fires, explosions and other accidents, and the nature and extent of damage to goods and machinery, as well as quality assurance and quality control programs.

These failure analyses under forensic services are conducted and presented in a rigorous manner, under the assumption that the results may be needed in a court of law. To find more detailed descriptions of work that we perform on a day-to-day basis, please use the navigation bar links to the right.

A website completely dedicated to professional forensic investigation services, we offer Forensic Science Services and Forensic Investigations Services with specialization in providing scientific advice to the insurance and legal industries. At Forensic Services, we have a team of forensic science experts with special capabilities in carrying out forensic investigation services to do expert failure analysis. Our forensic science experts have a proven record of accomplishment in forensic investigations services and forensic science services with great efficiency. Get expert forensic science services and forensic investigation services here.