FSA has carried out thousands of investigations involving fire and explosions in 20 countries, mainly in Asia.

Our consultants have given evidence as expert witnesses in courts of law in eight countries.  In a number of countries, our investigations have resulted in the first repudiations by insurers on the basis of arson, that have been upheld by a court of law.

Our investigations include the following major accidents involving fire and explosion.

  • The 1992 explosion at Ginza Plaza, Singapore.
  • The Kader toy factory fire in Bangkok, May 1993. This was the worst recorded industrial fire in history at that time, with over 200 deaths.
  • Fire at Garley Building, Hong Kong, November 1996, with 40 deaths.
  • Chip Pac electronics factory fire in South Korea, 2004.
  • Fire in catering building, new Bangkok airport, 2006.
  • Explosion in Glorietta Mall, Manila. 2007.
  • Fire investigation following the destruction of a semiconductor factory in Thailand in 2014.