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Investigation & Mitigation

The sudden failure of a transformer causes great financial loss. FSM provides both root cause analysis and loss mitigation in respect of transformer breakdown.

Root Cause Analysis

FSM has skilled electrical engineers to carry out investigations into transformer accidents. They are engaged full time on transformer breakdowns throughout Asia, ranging from 400MVA, step-up, auto-regulating, oil-filled transformers such as would be found at hydroelectric or thermal power stations, to dry-type transformers in major buildings or universities. We are also experienced with transformers designed for specific industries, such as electric arc steel/carbide making and induction melting.

Typical Assignments

  • Determining that oil leakage from a sealed’ transformer over four years was the cause of an internal arc flash.
  • Identifying failures of Dry Type transformers due to thermal stressing and/or cyclic loading.
  • Establishing that corrosive oil was the cause of the breakdown of a 292MVA transformer in Indonesia.
  • Technical adviser for in-situ recovery of 300MVA, 3 phase, 18.5kV to 500kV power station transformer following arc flash and water ingress.


Transformer accidents can be particularly costly because of business interruption.

We can advise on extent of damage and whether repair is possible locally or the transformer has to be returned to the manufacturer.

Through our international contacts, we can source temporary replacements. We can also advise whether replacements suggested by others are technically capable of providing the electrical output needed, or introduce risks of their own.