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Our metallurgists carry out investigations in three ways, as follows.

  1. Attending site when a loss is obviously a materials-related problem. An example would be a corrosion failure.
  2. Providing expertise and laboratory facilities to engineers who attend sites. An example would be a mechanical engineer investigating a boiler breakdown and returning with boiler tube samples.  Our metallurgist would conduct the laboratory investigation.
  3. Carrying out failure analysis on samples sent directly to our laboratory.

Failure mechanisms recognised and documented in our laboratory include the following.

      • General corrosion
      • Pitting & contact corrosion
      • Stress corrosion cracking
      • Erosion
      • Fatigue
      • Dealloying
      • Brittle failure
      • Ductile overload
      • Wear

We have particular expertise in corrosion, including damage during shipping of hot and cold rolled steel.