Vehicle Accident Investigation

Vehicle which had been deliberately impacted 20-30 times with an excavator to give the impression of an accident and enable an insurance claim to be made.

FSM has carried out a large number of vehicle investigations in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There have been court appearances in two countries. These include private motor vehicles, buses, trucks, rice and cane harvesters, forklifts and container lifters.

Our investigations are tailored to the needs of the client. Sometimes we attend the scene of the accident and document detailed evidence from the road and the vehicles. At other times our investigation only begins years after the accident and we use police sketches, witness statements and adjusters' photographs.

Tyres & Wheels

  • Incorrect fitment
  • Malicious damage
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Impact or accident damage
  • Detection of under-inflation or deflation damage


  • Car, truck, motorcycle, pedal cycle and aircraft
  • High beam, low beam, tail & indicator lights
  • Determining whether vehicle lights were on or off
Example of accident sketch involving a motor cycle and bus. Once distances, angles and locations are known, calculations can be made concerning vehicle speeds.

Mechanical Failure

  • Suspension, steering, brakes
  • Engine, transmission
  • Confirmation of fatigue failure
  • Driver abuse

Accident Dynamics

We reenact pre-crash, crash, and post-crash events based on the remaining physical evidence, including vehicle damages, highway design, and road and weather conditions. This leads to the generation of the following.

  • Vehicle/road interactions
  • Impact angles
  • Speed at impact
Portion of a vehicle identification number, after treatment to show underlying (original) numbers

Vehicle Identification

Examination of body and engine numbers to reveal evidence of tampering.

Damage Assessment

Determination whether damage was consistent with the described accident or a single event.


  • Examination & comparison of paint samples
  • Vehicle to vehicle, and vehicle to object


  • Identifying pre-fire damage and condition
  • Locating the seat of fire ignition
  • Determining the likely cause of the fire

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