The Myths of Crane Repair

The handling of crane repair in the insurance industry is bedeviled by myths. Here we list the six most common and our response.

  1. The manufacturer does not approve
  2. The manufacturer does not own the crane. When we meet manufacturer's representatives to discuss technical aspects of repair, we are continually struck by the fact that their name cards have titles like Marketing Executive or SE Asia Sales Manager. Occasionally when we get to know an engineer better, he will admit in confidence, Of course it can be repaired, but I'm not allowed to say that.

  3. The machinery department will not allow it
  4. Government departments are quite rightly on the lookout for and opposed to backyard repairs. In fact there can be no technical objection in principle to the repair of damaged steel crane sections, provided the repair is carried out in a proper manner that restores the crane to its former condition of strength and safety.

  5. The crane is made of a special steel and welding repair is not recommended
  6. All cranes are made by welding. It stands to reason that repair welding can be safely carried out. Some cranes are made of high alloy steel that requires special welding techniques such as pre and post-weld heat treatment. This is why we carry out chemical analyses before specifying a repair procedure.

  7. We do not have suitable facilities or welders in this country
  8. Malaysia makes pressure vessels, off-shore gas platforms, and carries out major repairs to aeroplanes from many countries, including the USA. The capabilities and resources of this country are extensive and it is only necessary to tap these to successfully undertake crane and heavy equipment repair.

  9. After repair, the crane will have to be downrated
  10. This may be true for a backyard repair, but has no basis if a repair is carried out correctly. After repair, we provide a guarantee, and recommend a 100% load test before acceptance by the owner. One reason why we are able to treat crane repair with such confidence, when others are so hesitant, is the depth of our technical expertise, particularly in the area of non-destructive testing. We carry out 100% testing of the section, even if repair is confined to a small area.

  11. The crane is needed urgently and repair will take too long
  12. Usually repair will be much faster than replacement. Certainly this is the case if replacement is from overseas.

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