Oil & Gas Services

We have a wealth of experience which is proving useful to the oil & gas industry, as follows.


Lose connection on a contactor in a chiller room on a drilling rig.

This is by far the most economical and best way of preventing electrical failures. Our thermographer is a qualified electrician and thermographer, has worked on offshore platforms, and is supported by our electrical and electronic engineers. See our separate brochure on thermography.

We have investigated two fires on this FSPO in Malaysian waters

Fire Investigation

We are the largest non-government investigator of fires and explosions in Asia and have carried out investigations in 14 countries. These include many in the oil and gas industry, both on and offshore.

eMag inspection of wire rope on a drilling rig.

Wire Rope & Sling Inspection

Forensic Services routinely carries out inspections of wire ropes and slings onshore and offshore using magnetic flux leakage equipment. Our inspectors are offshore qualified, ASNT Level II in eddy current inspection and qualified visual rope and sling inspectors. We can test ropes from 6 to 64mm diameter. Our equipment can detect one broken wire in as many as 250 wires and 1% or more loss in cross sectional area.

A slice through a section of drilling pipe that failed.

Failure Analysis

Our metallurgical laboratory routinely performs failure analyses on metal failures, including drilling pipes and wire rope fractures.

Mud deposits on electrical equipment

Electrical and Electronic Cleaning

Damage Control has 15 years experience in the cleaning of electrical installations, extending to sophisticated control systems. Applicable to equipment contaminated by fire, flood and seawater. Our cleaning service is supervised by electrical and electronic engineers.