Rob Stott - FSG's Turbine Consultant

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Servere damage to blades as a result of impact by objects.
Rob Stott

The consulting capability of the Forensic Group has been significantly advanced with the addition of Robert Stott to our team of consultants. Throughout its 18-year history FSG has been consulted on many turbine failures. However, most of these have been small turbines, from ones installed at a palm oil mill, to turbines serving small population centres in Sarawak and Sabah. In contrast, Robert Stott has spent the last 30 years of his professional career with large turbines, beginning with the Industrial and Marine Division of Rolls Royce in the UK.

Damage to the blades of a turbine in Taiwan.

Rob is a mechanical engineer and a graduate of Imperial College. His full resume is available on request. In the 18 months Rob has been with us, he has assisted insurers and adjusters in claims involving turbines from different manufacturers in the 10MW to 230MW range in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The investigations have included the following.

Damage to the root of a blade as a result of being struck by a copper tool during removal.
  • Turbine failure as a result of loss of steam supply.
  • Compressor failure and turbine fire from oil leak.
  • Turbine damage from foreign object ingress.
  • Gas turbine gearbox failure.
  • Gas turbine blade failure from fatigure.
  • Fatigue failure of a turbine blade.

    When a large turbine has to be shut down for an extended time, operators have to initiate costly repairs and sometimes make decisions about alternative means of supply. Because of his background in consulting engineering, advising clients on means of electrical generation and plant installation, Rob is well placed to assist adjusters on the costs of repairs and the correctness of insured's proposals.


    Barry Dillon