Medical & Hospital Equipment

X-Ray Equipment Damage/Repair Assessment :

Our professional staff has been involved with claims dealing with several types of medical equipment with the most frequent being x-ray related.

  • Detailed examination & damage assessment
  • Local on-site repair is our first consideration
  • If repair is feasible, a cost estimate is prepared
  • When possible, we determine the cause and probable time/location of loss
  • Reports are prepared realizing that our findings may be presented in a court of law

Some of our work : The following photos represent several assignments carried out by FSG:

Medical CAT Scanner at Beijing Hospital

CAT Scanner at Pakistan Hospital

Shipping damage - rodents chewing on wire / cables.

FSG evaluates damage and prepares a repair cost estimate.
Suspicious fire-damaged medical equipment in Karachi.

FSG provided extremely valuable intelligence information to handle this case.

X-Ray Cancer Treatment Equipment

Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment

Shipping damage to precision x-ray head at Hong Kong hospital.

FSG monitored & followed up testing to verify that equipment was sound.
Transit damage to equipment going to hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

FSG evaluates damage and prepares a repair cost estimate.

Medical CAT Scanner X-Ray Tube

X-Ray Console at Japanese Warehouse

Shipping damage - high power rotating anode x-ray tube.

FSG contributed to the re-design of future shipping containers.
Transit damage en route to China brings equipment back to Japan.

FSG evaluates damage and prepares a repair cost estimate.

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