Commercial & Consumer

Miscellaneous Equipment Damage/Repair Assessment :

Our professional staff has been involved with claims dealing with a variety of equipment that is unique and can be found in all areas of the commercial business environment. We are prepared to investigate difficult & problem claims at any time.

In many situations after our investigation was completed, the claim for total loss was dropped and the equipment has been repaired at a reasonable cost.

  • Detailed examination & damage assessment
  • Local on-site repair is our first consideration
  • If repair is feasible, a cost estimate is prepared
  • When possible, we determine the cause and probable time/location of loss
  • Reports are prepared realizing that our findings may be presented in a court of law

Some of our work : The following photos represent several assignments carried out by FSG:

Xerox Copy Machine

Automobile Engine Analyzer

Shipping damage to machine in Hong Kong.

FSG evaluates damage & determines repair cost.
Water damaged engine analyzer in Hong Kong.

FSG evaluates damage & determines repair cost.

ATM Machines

Golf Course Irrigation Equipment

Typhoon damage in Guam. FSG provides information to reduce claim.

The original claim was for US$1.9million and was settled for US$35,000 after our investigation and detailed report.
Lightning damage to golf course irrigation equipment in Hong Kong.

FSG tests lightning detection equipment & recommends future preventative measures.

Aerial Bucket "Cherry Picker" in China

Caterpillar 1,200kw Generator in China

Shipping damage to machinery in China.

FSG advises repair options & machine is fixed on-site.
Shipping damage to machine in China.

FSG evaluates damage & machine is repaired on site.

Motor Control Room in China

Paint Manufacturer in China

Shipping damage to electronic motor drive control in China.

FSG evaluates damage and monitors repairs.
Spectrophotometer - suspected damaged during typhoon in China.

FSG consults to evaluate damage and possible repairs.

Fish Food Processing Plant in China

Electronic PCB Assemble Facility in Taiwan

Fire in facility to produce fresh freeze-dried fish food.

FSG determines cause of fire in machinery.
Fire destroys PCB machine in Taiwan electronic assembly facility.

FSG determines that cause & origin of fire are related to manufacturer's defect.

Computer Disk Manufacturer in China

Magnetic Media Facility in China

Fire damage to floppy disk inventory.

FSG tests components that make up disks & reduce claim by proving limited damage.
Suspicious fire in plant that produces magnetic coatings for video tape and computer discs.

FSG evaluates equipment damage & cause of fire.

Navigation Equipment Onboard Yacht

Fire Caused by Refrigerator - Taiwan

Lightning damage to navigation & communication gear on yacht in Hong Kong. FSG discovers defective motor starter relay.

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