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Our Services : Forensic Services Group can assist with the preparation of your court case as well as identifying strengths & weaknesses in your opponents' expert testimony.

  • Litigation & Arbitration - Technical concepts/reports can often be misleading and somewhat esoteric. Forensic Services Group retains engineers and highly trained technical people that have dealt with a variety of hi-tech equipment and the electronic systems controlling them ...(more)
  • Protecting Partnerships - New computer forensic capabilities has allowed several Fortune 500 Companies to protect themselves against future litigation by freshly preserving the status & content of an employees' hard drive upon resignation, termination or internal transfer as a matter of standard procedure ...(more)
  • Personal Injury - Sometimes the facts surrounding a personal injury are unclear at first review. Especially when it involves machinery controlled by computers ...(more)
  • Computer Crime - Since an overwhelming number of documents are stored electronically, it is difficult to imagine types of litigation which do not warrant some degree of computer forensic investigation ... (more)

The Forensic Services Group (Hong Kong) division has experience in computer design along with writing software to control sophisticated systems and hi-tech equipment. This provides us with a solid background to analyze your technically related case work.

Our strong engineering background with instrumentation & control systems, computers and electronics has enabled us to identify errors, omissions & misconceptions in many technical statements that others have overlooked.

FSG Background & Experience :
- Computers
- Machinery
- Hi-Tech Equipment
- Electronic Data/Document Search
- Recovery

Note : The Forensic Services Group is available to assist you in the preparation of your case when it involves computers, software or hi-tech equipment.

Please contact Forensic Services Group (Hong Kong) as your next technical consultant !