Furniture Fires in Malaysia

Forensic Services Newsletter

In our November 2004 newsletter we pointed out the global shift of the textile industry to China and the possible consequences in terms of fires that might occur. In similar vein, our fire database shows some interesting statistics in respect of furniture fires in Malaysia. In the 80's and early 90's our company would typically be asked to investigate 1-2 furniture fires per year. That figure began to rise in the late 90’s and in 2002, 2003 and 2004 we investigated 13, 12 and 13 fires respectively. This year we have been to 12 furniture factory fires in the first six months alone. As a check to ensure that this trend not simply a reflection of changes in the size of the industry, we have obtained the Malaysian Department of Statistics figures for wooden furniture exports for years 1989-2004 and after bringing each year’s figure to 2004 values, determined for each year the number of fires (we have been asked to investigate) per US$1b exported. The graph shown is the result. Any queries regarding this newsletter can be directed to us by clicking on the "Ask a Consultant" button.


Barry Dillon

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