Forensic Consultants: Kwok Wai Kit

Kwok Wai Kit

Kwok Wai Kit

Metallurgical Engineer

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Kwok Wai Kit

In charge of our materials laboratory. Previously working at consulting company in Singapore as a failure analysis engineer. Attends accident sites and selects samples for laboratory examination.

These have included yachts, cement gearboxes, pressure vessels, galva-nising kettles, plastic extruders, power plants.

Experienced in the laboratory failure analysis of a wide range of accident samples, including boiler and heat exchanger tubes, crankshafts, soot blowers, vanes, impellers, gears, stainless steel brackets, veneer knives, glass-lined steel, gaskets, springs.

Failure mechanisms identified include stress corrosion cracking, general corrosion, sigma phase embrittlement, erosion, brittle and ductile failures and numerous instances of fatigue.