Forensic Consultants: Tony Jarratt

Tony Jarratt

Tony Jarratt

Electrical Engineer

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Tony Jarratt has over 40 years experience in electrical engineering. Areas of expertise include.

Transformers: Wet and dry transformer failures. including on line tap changers and bushings. Can advise on recovery/repair of large transformers.

HT Equipment: Arc flash failures in vacuum circuit breakers, ring main switchgear assemblies, SF6 circuit breakers, GIS switchgear, air-cored reactors and cable sealing end failures.

LV Switchgear: Short circuits on bus-bars, supply problems and component failures including capacitor banks.

Alternators & Large Motors: Stator winding, synchronisation failures and overspeed incidents, stator bar insulation failure, steam turbine generator failures.

Lightning: Skilled in determining if lightning events are responsible for damage.

Restoration: Very experienced in attending sites affected by fire or flood and determining which machinery can be saved by machinery ‘first aid’ and then determining restoration procedures for complete recovery. Experience includes wafer-fab, electrical control rooms, rolling mill drive systems, switching complexes.