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Rob Stott

Rob Stott

Mechanical Engineer

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Rob Stott is ex Rolls-Royce Industrial and Marine Division, with twenty six years experience in the construction of power plants, particularly turbines, in UK, Spain, Middle East and Malaysia, before joining FSM in 2002. Areas of expertise are :

Turbine Failure Analysis: Causes of steam and gas turbine accidents. Accident investigation experience include 23 turbines from 2MW to 130MW (gas) and 500MW (steam).

Costing & Mitigation: Can determine current cost of replacing plant, and determine economic consequences of losses, including assessment of temporary energy supplies over period of reinstatement.

Risk Surveying: Experienced surveyor for a wide range of risk, including hydro power stations, oil, gas and black and brown coal fired conventional thermal plant, gas turbine open cycle plant, gas turbine combined cycle plant, gas storage and transmission systems, electrical transmission systems, fertiliser plant, wind farm power generation, geothermal power generation plant and car parts manufacturing.

Construction Delays: Claims involving construction delays, able to analyse and reproduce Gantt charts.