Forensic Consultants: Lim Sze Hue

Lim Sze Hue

Lim Sze Hue

Electrical Engineer

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Lim Sze Hue

Carries out electrical related investigations, including lightning claims, transformer failures and cables.

Lightning: The lightning claims have included medical equipment, CNC machines and miscellaneous items in high rise.

Transformers: The transformer failures have involved oil cooled transformers ranging from 7.5 to 500MVA in Malaysia and Indonesia, and dry-type transformers in shopping centres. The failure causes have included bushing deterioration and/or water penetration, corrosive sulphur in transformer insulating oil, improper environment and poor maintenance.

Generators: Generator failures in power stations in Indonesia and Philippines, caused by insulation breakdown, poor operating regime, overspeeding, circuit breaker failure

Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous accidents including 33 kV cable joints failures, oil cooled resistance starter, thyristor controlled reactor, motor starter panel, circuit breaker failure, inverter unit.

Lightning: Skilled in determining if lightning events are responsible for damage.

Also experienced in thermographic surveys and general fire investigation.