Forensic Consultants: Barry Dillon

Barry Dillon

Barry Dillon


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Barry Dillon, BSc MSc , has overall responsibility for investigations and the quality of FSM work. Has investigated over 2000 fires, explosions and other accidents in 15 countries and has given evidence in seven of these as an expert witness.

In addition to general fire investigation, has significant experience in the following fields.

Marine: Self heating, explosions on vessels, contamination of cargo, corrosion/discolouration of a wide range of materials and machinery.

Collapses: Terminals, racks, gantries, hoppers, silos, steel and fibreglass tanks.

Powerplant: Boilers from estate boilers to major power plants. Turbines and diesel generators.

Petrochem and Process: Thermal and catalyst cracking reformer tubes, PVC reactors, fires and explosions in detergent, fertiliser and polymer production.

Furnaces: Glass, float glass, brass, copper, aluminium, nickel, iron, steel, cement, lime, brick and ceramic furnace failures in five countries.

Material failures: Numerous failure analyses of cast, forged and extruded product in steel, copper, brass, aluminium, nickel, titanium and tantulum.