Forensic Consultants: Aini Ling

Aini Ling

Aini Ling

Chemical Engineer

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Aini Ling has investigated over 900 fires and explosions in 10 countries and given evidence in two countries. Has undergone numerous advanced fire and explosion, thermal hazards and fire protection engineering training in USA and UK. Particular areas of expertise include.

Large Fires & Explosions: Very experienced in large loss investigation. Has investigated many of the major fires in Asia since 1992, including ones with large loss of life such as the Kader toy factory fire in Bangkok and the Garley building in HK.

Marine: Fires and explosions on container vessels, barges, passenger-cargo vessels, chemical tankers, ship loaders, LPG vessels and vessels undergoing repair at dry docks.

Terrorist Bombs: Has investigated suspected terrorist bombings for insurers on land and sea. Skilled in sampling techniques. Has testified at a Philippine Senate inquiry into a bombing incident in Manila.

Process Incidents: CSWIP plant inspector level 1. Industries include oleochemicals, grains processors, foods, oil and gas, petro-chemical and power plants, in Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Hong Kong. Types of investigations include plant inspection, scrutinising process design, control and operational data as well as safety issues at incident plant.